Animals are awesome. However, it is said that the current extinction rates are a thousand times higher due to the existence of us, humans. Every day we see species becoming extinct from our actions that result in habitat destruction and climate change. Knowing this, it makes me wonder why mother nature created homo sapiens in the […]

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Country Side of Japan

Those who haven’t been to Japan yet will likely to assume that this country is overfilled with fast-paced, futuristic infrastructures and hardworking, busy civilians. However, it’s awesome to know that this small island nation is packed with country side areas that offer beautiful nature and rich history. Take Nagano as an example. The prefecture, where my parents were […]

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One of the greatest forms of art created by mother nature. It comes in diverse range of shapes and colours. It’s a source of food for some and a source of happiness for others. It also symbolise many positive things that we all wish to see in our today’s sad society.  

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Adventuring Botany Bay

Botany Bay is a historical place for being the first area that  Captain Cook landed in Australia. However, this bay is more than just history. The bay is filled with colourful rocks and stunning rock/cliff formations created by the almighty mother nature. Maybe it was because of this that Captain Cook decided to land here.

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Orange Sky

Sunset would be my favourite time of the day. The warm shades of orange always soothes my mind. No matter where you go, it will always stay beautiful. There’s no such thing as an ugly sunset anyway.  

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Cave Walking with My Loved One

My partner has an interest in caves, so I took her to Jenolan Caves. Going to the caves during summer was a great idea since it gets cooler when you go underground. It was fascinating to see the artistic limestone creations by mother nature. It was also fascinating to know that the people who discovered […]

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