Adventuring Paris

Paris is definitely a city to remember. From meeting Mona Lisa to simply gazing at their impressive classic architecture. But my most memorable moment of Paris will be getting good quality breads for free at restaurants. A heaven for any bread lovers out there.

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Street Art on Brick Lane

Brick Lane is famous for many things. From an endless choice of curry restaurants to hip markets. But what got my attention the most was the artistic side of this historical street. This street was home to many artists sending out their powerful thoughts to the public. 

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There are countless ways to describe this city. Some will see this city in a positive way. Some will see this city in a negative way. Regardless of how you describe this city, it will always be memorable to everyone.

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Kyoto never ceases to amaze me. It’s understandable why so many will visit here. This place truly shows what Japan is all about. It also truly shows how the Japanese respect their history, culture and beliefs.  

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These are some of the things you may get to see when you visit Osaka. Some are breathtakingly beautiful. Some are plain weird. All of these combined makes what Osaka great.  

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