The Last Legendary Farm Party

Held twice a year in the middle of nowhere, the farm party was one of my favourite events. Having good music and being surrounded by awesome people made it feel like a paradise. Sadly there has been speculations that there will be no more farm parties due to noise complaints. Is it wrong of us […]

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Roaming around Rome

The capital of ancient ruins. Travelling this old and historical city has left me with great memories. Though the only thing I will never miss about it is the scorching heat. And was anyone impressed with my creative title?

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Adventuring Capri

Capri is one hell of a popular island in Italy. The impressive large boulders and the clear, blue sea will mesmerise anyone. Although it’s a shame to see so many tourists there. Must’ve been a peaceful island before it got the world’s attention.

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Adventuring Florence

Florence is a beautiful city rich in history and culture. Home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art. The impressive architecture will make you feel like you have slipped back in time. The only downside is the vast amount of tourists.

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