There are countless ways to describe this city. Some will see this city in a positive way. Some will see this city in a negative way. Regardless of how you describe this city, it will always be memorable to everyone.

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Kyoto never ceases to amaze me. It’s understandable why so many will visit here. This place truly shows what Japan is all about. It also truly shows how the Japanese respect their history, culture and beliefs.  

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These are some of the things you may get to see when you visit Osaka. Some are breathtakingly beautiful. Some are plain weird. All of these combined makes what Osaka great.  

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Adventuring Watsons Bay

  A lot of people would visit Watsons Bay for its quiet beaches and great seafood. But I personally like adventuring through their rocky coast that is filled with history and natural art. You can get to see awesome rock formations, unknown messages engraved on padlocks, abandoned concrete huts and an old light house standing […]

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Animals are awesome. However, it is said that the current extinction rates are a thousand times higher due to the existence of us, humans. Every day we see species becoming extinct from our actions that result in habitat destruction and climate change. Knowing this, it makes me wonder why mother nature created homo sapiens in the […]

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